The Tudor Navy, November 2015

The Mary Rose

The Great Harry

November 2015’s second episode (Happy Thanksgiving, Americans!)
 is on the rise of the Tudor Navy.  In two generations England went from being a nation with a navy of fewer than ten ships to one that could defeat the mighty Spanish Armada on the sea.  Here are the show notes and links.

(not really Renaissance — the first recorded singing of Drunken Sailor was in 1839 — but still fun to listen to while you’re reading)

Websites with information about the Mary Rose  The National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth

Great Harry’s Navy: How Henry VIII Gave England Seapower by Geoffrey Moorhouse

The Excavation of the Mary Rose (in parts – this is part 1)

An interesting documentary on YouTube: Tudor Seapower

Dan Snow did a Periscope the same day I recorded this podcast inside the reconstruction of the Mary Rose.  Watch a replay of it here:

Random People and Places
Andrew Barton – Scottish Pirate

The Flanders Galleys

The 1512 loss of the Regent

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