Episode 067: Henry VII and his foreign policy

This is the episode in which I unashamedly destroy the French language in three words. Sorry, French speakers. Incidentally, someone left me a negative comment on iTunes (yes, I read the reviews) saying that my accent was too foreign. Eh? Huh. Who knew. Cheers for that.

Onwards …

Book Recommendation:
Winter King: Henry VII and the Dawn of Tudor England (amazon affiliate link)

A really good Prezi presentation on Henry VII’s foreign policy:

Music from the episode (with Amazon affiliate links – buy through this link on Amazon, and pay the same price, but I get a small percentage, so you get to support the podcast at the same time. Woohoo!)

In this episode, I used a lot of music from Josquin Desprez – he was a French composer living during this time, and I wanted to feature his music.

Here are some albums to try:

Josquin Desprez: Stabat Mater / Motets (La Chapelle Royale/Herreweghe) by La Chapelle Royale (2011-01-11)

Renaissance: The Music of Josquin Desprez

Da Vinci – Music from His Time



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