Pregnancy and Childbirth course

Hello and welcome to the Pregnancy and Childbirth eCourse! I love researching and creating content that explores everyday life for people, and builds connections through time and space. 
One thing that women through the generations have in common is the experience of fertility - even if a woman never gives birth now, she still has the experience of growing into puberty, and the hormonal and physical changes that go along with that. Of course, mothers have the entire pregnancy and childbirth experience in common. 
In this eCourse, we look at all aspects of fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth in medieval and Renaissance England and Europe. From getting pregnant, avoiding getting pregnant, being pregnant, giving birth, and recovering, we look at traditions and rituals that tie the generations of women together. Many of them we may even recognize today!

  • Day One:
    Getting Pregnant
  • Day Two: 
    Avoiding Pregnancy
  • Day Three:
    Being PRegnant
  • Day Four:
    Giving Birth
  • Day Five:
    Post Birth Recovery

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