Throwback Episode 42: Lady Margaret Beaufort

Lady Margaret Beaufort

Lady Margaret Beaufort was Henry VII’s mother, so in a sense she gave birth to the Tudor Dynasty.  And now that I think about it, the birth of Henry Tudor is famous because it was so difficult for her…she was young (too young to be having children, and in the…

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Episode 77: Tudor Crime and Punishment

Crime and Punishment in Tudor England

Listen to the Tudor Crime episode here: Episode 077 of the Renaissance English History Podcast is on Tudor Crime and Punishment. I’ve been wanting to cover this for a while, and all I can say is that there are many times when I think it would be fun to live in…

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Episode 076: Alison Weir on Anne Boleyn

Alison Weir

Episode 76 of the Renaissance English History Podcast is an interview with historian Alison Weir on her new historical fiction book on Anne Boleyn. Listen here: I was thrilled to have a chance to speak again with Alison Weir, the author of too many books to list here (some of…

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Throwback Ep 14: Intro to English Renaissance Music

English Renaissance Music

A throwback to one of the earlier, and more popular episodes I’ve done; an intro to English Renaissance Music Here’s my English Renaissance music playlist on Spotify: Here are some other musical-related episodes I’ve done on English Renaissance music: David Skinner interview – August 2015 – Suzi Digby interview –…

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Episode 75: Elizabeth and France

Book recommendation: Elizabeth I and Foreign Policy 1558-1603  by Susan Doran. Remember, if you like this show, you can support it in a few ways. The easiest is to leave a rating on iTunes. You can also become a patron of the show for as little as $1/episode on Patreon.…

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Episode 074: Edward, Mary, and France

Continuing our look at Tudor Monarchs, and how they related to France, this episode looks at Edward and Mary. Please remember that if you like this show, the best ways you can help keep it going are to leave a rating on iTunes, or become a patron on Patreon, for as…

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Englandcast 024: Pregnancy and Childbirth in Renaissance England

One of the most popular episodes I’ve done is from 2014, the episode on Pregnancy and Childbirth. Here’s the transcript of the show for your reference as well.Remember, you can support the show with a regular donation on Patreon for as little as $1/episode. And thanks! ​Hello and welcome to…

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Watching the Tudors Episode 10: The Death of Wolsey

Welcome to Episode 10 – the Season Finale of Season One of The Tudors. In this episode Wolsey dies (spoiler alert, though you can get that from the title!). Remember to leave a rating on iTunes if you like the show. It makes a big difference to the success of the…

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Episode 73: Tudor Times on Elizabeth of York

Elizabeth of York

Episode 77 of the Renaissance English History Podcast is an interview with Tudor Times on Elizabeth of York, the mother of Henry VIII. Listen here: Book Recommendations on Elizabeth of York Elizabeth of York: A Tudor Queen and Her World from Alison Weir (Amazon affiliate link) Elizabeth of York: Forgotten Tudor…

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Episode 072: Glenn Richardson on the Field of Cloth of Gold

This episode I spoke with Glenn Richardson, Professor of Early Modern History at St. Mary’s University, Twickenham, London, and author of The Field of Cloth of Gold.                  He also has a series of YouTube videos on Henry VIII – here’s an interesting one:…

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