Episode 085: Tudor Times on Mary Queen of Scots

Mary Queen of Scots

Episode 085 is Melita Thomas of Tudor Times talking about Mary Queen of Scots. For reference, you may want to listen to Episode 029 on Mary Queen of Scots from back in 2015. Book Recommendation: Dr. Linda Porter’s Crown of Thistle (Amazon affiliate account – you pay the same price, but…

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Supplemental Episode: Tony Riches at the Tudor Summit

Tony Riches

If you missed The Tudor Summit, don’t despair – there will be another one in March, 2018. And I’ll be releasing all of the audio from the Summit videos over the course of the next couple of months in Supplemental episodes. Today is Tony Riches, who is the author of…

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Episode 084: Looking up at the sky in Tudor England

Tudor Astronomy

Episode 084 of the Renaissance English History Podcast is on Tudor Astronomy. (Remember, if you like this show on Tudor Astronomy, there are two main ways you can support the podcast. First (and free!) you can leave a review on iTunes. It really helps new people discover the show. Second,…

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London Bridge: For wise to pass over, and fools to pass under …

London Bridge

London wouldn’t be London without London Bridge. Truly, as there was no London until the Romans built the bridge. Instead, in ancient pre-Roman times there were scattered settlements on either side of the river. But after Caesar’s invasion, soldiers built a pontoon bridge in an area where there were natural…

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7 September 1533… Happy Birthday Princess Elizabeth

Princess Elizabeth

On 7 September 1533 a little girl came screaming into the world less than two weeks after her mother began her confinement period. She was a big surprise, though. Her father had risked excommunication, and separation from Christendom in order to have a son with her mother. She would not…

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The Tudor Whatsit?

Tudor Summit

Here’s a joke waiting to be told: a Tudor historian, a blogger, and a podcaster all walk into a bar and … … can’t pay the bill because all they have with them are groats? … spend five hours trying to redecorate the place, but in the end decide they…

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Old Music Tuesday: The Baldwin Partbooks

Baldwin Partbooks

John Baldwin was a singer in St George’s Chapel Windsor in the late 16th century. He also sang in the Chapel Royal. A man of many talents, Baldwin was also a composer, and copied manuscripts. He is the source of many of the manuscripts we have of music from this…

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Tudor Dogs: A Post in honor of National Dog Day

Tudor Dogs

There are plenty of blogs and books about Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn’s best human friends. The soap opera of the Tudor Court never fails to entertain. Who is Charles Brandon sleeping with this week? Who’s in favor? Who’s out? Which wife is Henry on? But what about the other…

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Women Getting It Done: The Ladies Peace

The Ladies Peace

I love finding stories of women stepping outside of the normal expectations of their gender. Most people assume women spent their time making babies, feeding babies, and giving birth to more babies. But there was a lot more to the lives of women at this time period. Sarah Gristwood, in…

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Three Contemporary Accounts of Bosworth Field

Battle of Bosworth

I recently posted a podcast episode about the Tudor Chroniclers, and how the art of writing history was changing during the 16th century. As most of you know, today is a very special day. It’s the day of my first date with my husband in 2005! It’s my grandma’s birthday!…

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