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HeatherI’m Heather Teysko, and I’m a storyteller who makes history accessible because I believe that it’s a powerful pathway for understanding who we are, our place in the universe, and getting in touch with our own humanity.   I was born and bred in Amish Country Pennsylvania (though I’m not Amish and never have been), and I have lived in lots of places including Nashville, Los Angeles, London, New York, and Spain.  My first job in high school was as a student docent at Rock Ford Plantation, the Georgian home of General Edward Hand, Washington’s Adjutant General during the Revolution.  I still have most of the 45 minute tour memorized, almost 25 years on.

It was in the evening candlelight tours when I was alone in a room, surrounded by the personal items that had been lovingly purchased or made two hundred years ago that I really fell in love with history, and the idea that these people were still so close to me and could still move me; we were only separated by time.  And by bridging that gap I could understand more about myself, and my world today.

I have a BA in history and have done some history grad work.  When I was 24 I moved to London because I was in love with English choral music, and I spent my weekends using my Young Person’s Railcard to travel all over England attending Evensong services at cathedrals and abbeys around the country from Durham to Wells. I started this podcast in 2009 because there weren’t many podcasts covering social history in the English Renaissance.

Music Credit:
A lot of people ask me what the opening music is for the podcast – it’s John Fleagle’s Blow Northern Wynd, which you can check out on YouTube here.
When I first launched the podcast, there weren’t a lot of resources for intro music, and I found this one place called Magnatune, which had approximately four pieces of music that might fit. I fell in love with this music at that point, and have stuck with it!

There are lots of ways you can get in touch with me, and the podcast.  I love hearing from listeners!
p: 801 6TEYSKO
e: hello@heatherteysko.com
t: @teysko
f: facebook.com/englandcast
y: youtube.com/hteysko (for the Tudor Minute)

And, if you’d like to start your own podcast, blog, or self publish a book, I work with historians (and amateur passionate historians) who want to get their work out into the world, or take their projects to the next level. For example, if you have a book and want a podcast, or you have a podcast and want a great website for it, I can help! If you have a blog or podcast and are looking for ways to monetize it, I can help!

Visit http://www.heatherteysko.com to find out more.

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