History is a living, breathing force, waiting for us to connect with it, and to provide us with deeper connections to each other, and to our own humanity.

Hi, I'm Heather, and I tell stories about the past. I've been doing this for nearly 25 years, since my first job as a student docent at a Revolutionary War museum in my hometown. I've been telling stories about history online since 1998 when I created a colonial American history website on geocities (remember them?) and here on the Renaissance English History Podcast since 2009. 

Why history? Why stories? Because this messy, gooey, glorious, magical, unknowable thing that is life is constant throughout time. And by sharing the stories of those who came before us, of their struggles and victories, we connect more deeply to each other, to our own humanity, and to ourselves. 

The people who lived in 16th century England are my friends. I've walked in their footsteps, I've sat in their church pews, and I've read their books. And because they're my friends, I like talking about them, and sharing their stories with others. I'm passionate about history as a method for building empathy and creating connections, and if there's one thing this planet needs, it's more connection and empathy. 

I'm so honored and glad that you're here, and I want to welcome you to this corner the interwebs where pretty much the only things I take seriously are scholarship, and my mission to create peace through history and music. You can learn more about me in the About page, and I invite you to check out the links below to dive deeper into live in 16th century England. Welcome.

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