This is an archive of all the episodes relating to military/navy/rebellion/etc.

Remember, you can get a full archive of all shows here.


Episode Eleven: The Pilgrimage of Grace

Episode Twenty Two: The NorthEast Passage:

Episode Thirty One: Trade and Exploration in Renaissance England

Episode Thirty Six: Henry VIII and the Rise of the Tudor Navy

Episode Thirty Seven: The Iron Industry of the Weald

Episode Thirty Nine: The Armada Part 1 – Foreign Policy Leading Up to the War

Episode Forty: The Armada Part 2 – the Battle!

Episode Forty One: Benjamin Redding and Boats

Episode Fifty One: Tudor Rebellions Part One

Episode Fifty Two: Tudor Rebellions Part Two

Episode Fifty Four: Rebellions Part Three

Episode Sixty Seven: Henry VII and Foreign Policy

Episode Seventy One: Henry VIII and France

Episode Seventy Two: Glenn Richardson on the Field of Cloth of Gold

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