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Following are links to videos on youtube which I’ve started in November 2015, and will continually add to.  If you find a broken link, please let me know.  Thanks!

I’d love it if you checked out my YouTube channel and subscribed – I’ve been doing Tudor Minute’s there for almost 2 years now. Here they are in an embedded playlist.


The Wars of the Roses: A Bloody Crown

The Trial of Richard III playlist (22 videos)
Channel 4 put Richard III on trial in the 80’s at the Old Bailey.

Chris Skidmore on the Events Leading to Bosworth

Henry VII The Winter King documentary

Inside the Court of Henry VIII

King Henry: Mind of a Tyrant
(music by David Skinner)

Henry VIII: The Most Iconic King of English History

Hampton Court: Secrets of Henry VIII’s Palace

Britain’s Tudor Treasure: A Night at Hampton Court

The Last Days of Anne Boleyn

The Last Days of Mary Queen of Scots, 2015 BBC Documentary

Bloody Queens: Elizabeth and Mary

The Tudors from Above

Secret Killers in the Tudor Home

John Dee: Queen Elizabeth’s Magician

David Starkey’s Music and Monarchy Series (episode 1)

David Starkey’s Edward and Mary (episode 1)

Elizabeth I from Prison to Palace

Fit to Rule: Tudors to Stuarts, from Gods to Men


Tudor Monastery Farm

Shakespeare’s Mother – the Secret Life of a Tudor Woman


A Very British Renaissance

The Tudors from Above

Sir Francis Drake’s Circumnavigation of the Globe


The King James Bible Documentary


An In Our Time episode on the Battle of Lepanto, definitely worth listening to:


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