Listening List

Where to hear great Sacred and Secular Renaissance music:

My Spotify playlist of my favorite early choral music (Sacred), which I’ll continually add to:

Secular: The Renaissance Festival of Music podcast, which does twice-monthly shows on music from Renaissance Faire’s around the country:

Youtube playlists and people to follow:

In 1567 the Archbishop of Canterbury, Matthew Parker, translated the Psalter into English and published it along with Nine Tunes composed by Thomas Tallis, to encourage people to sing the psalms rather than simply recite them.  This is a youtube playlist with those Tunes.

David Skinner, a brilliant musicologist at Sidney Sussex college who also has a number of choirs including Alamire, posts lots of videos here:

Early Music Groups to Follow:
The Byrd Ensemble
New York Polyphony
Stile Antico
The King’s Singers
The Blue Heron
The Cardinall’s Musick
The Tallis Scholars
The Choir of Clare College Cambridge
The Choir of Sidney Sussex College Cambridge
The Choir of King’s College Cambridge
The Choir of Queen’s College Cambridge
The Choir of New College Oxford

Albums I recommend
Every week I send out an album recommendation on my facebook page.  I’m going to start compiling them here:

Coronation of the First Elizabeth


  1. A great list of early music groups, a number of which I listen to but others I look forward to hearing. Another group for you is The Folger Consort.

  2. What is the source of the theme music for your podcast?

  3. Thanks for starting me on a great listening journey. John Fleagle is my new hero. And I like Englandcast as well!

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