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SidewaysandBackwards_cover5Sideways and Backwards: A Novel of Time Travel and Self Discovery by Heather Teysko.

Early Reviews!

“…one of the most enjoyable debut novels I’ve read in a long time, with a knack for plot that doesn’t necessarily come easily for nonfiction writers.” –Joy Hoppenot

“So if you like funny, time-traveling chick lit—imagine Bridget Jones coping with Tudor EnglandSideways and Backwards is well worth a few evenings of your time.” – CP Lesley, novelist and host of New Books in Historical Fiction.

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Natasha Delancourt, the Editor-in-Chief of a large publishing company, wakes up the morning after Halloween with a massive hangover. She also has a huge problem when a compromising photo of her from the night before went viral. Advised by her company PR to get out of London and turn off her phone, she takes the train to Cambridge for a weekend of self-imposed quiet reflection.

Determined to figure out how her life has gone so sideways, and how she can start fresh, she makes an afternoon pilgrimage to Evensong service at King’s College, an ancient chapel in the heart of Cambridge.  Then things get strange.  Really strange.  Feeling moved by the music and surroundings, she closes her eyes in quiet meditation, and then the world gets dark.  She wakes up in the same place, but a very different time….

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“From the time I started reading this and until the end, I couldn’t put it down. I thoroughly enjoyed the plot and loved how everything pulled together with a surprise twist at the end!” – Amazon Reviewer

**This book is most likely rated R, or at least a very strong PG-13.  There are some graphic discussions in the beginning that include drugs, frank discussion about sex, and some hints of violence.  I hesitate to put a rating on it, because frankly The Bachelor is way more explicit than my book.  But I came of age during Friends, and even though I watch it, the fact that The Bachelor is on network TV during prime time kind of makes me feel old.**


Morten Lauridsen’s O Magnum Mysterium sung in the King’s College Chapel, Cambridge.  Listen at your own risk.  You may be transported.

For those of you who read the book (*thanks!!*) and have an interest in discovering choral music, here are some resources:

Artists to follow:
Eric Whitacre
Morten Lauridson
Alamire Choir
ORA Singers

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