7 September 1533… Happy Birthday Princess Elizabeth

Princess Elizabeth

On 7 September 1533 a little girl came screaming into the world less than two weeks after her mother began her confinement period. She was a big surprise, though. Her father had risked excommunication, and separation from Christendom in order to have a son with her mother. She would not…

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Tudor Times talks about James I of England

This month’s joint episode with Tudor Times is about their Person of the Month, James I. Here are the resources mentioned. Remember, if you like this show, there are two main ways you can support it. First (and free!) you can leave a review on iTunes. It really helps new…

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Elizabeth I’s Working Holiday in Kenilworth


It’s not much of a secret that Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley had a Sort Of Thing going on in her court. The famously-Virgin Queen had one possible True Love – Robert Dudley, the 1st Earl of Leicester.  In 1575 Elizabeth was on one of her summer progresses through the…

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Queen or Pope – Catholics in Elizabethan England

Caitlin Moran talks in her book, How to be a Woman, about the idea that often when we discover a particular book, we are suddenly introduced to all its friends, and so join this society that we hadn’t even known existed before.  So if you, for example, start reading Dorothy…

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The Week in Books: Mary Queen of Scots wasn’t Actually a Catholic Martyr

I’ve been working on a podcast about Mary Queen of Scots, which I’ll be recording this week, and as part of that I’ve been reading John Guy’s book, Queen of Scots (available to read on Oyster, too).  Most people who know Elizabethan history are familiar with the story of the tragic Catholic queen,…

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