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Sometimes you wanna go … where everybody knows whether they’re with Anne or Katherine 🙂

I run a number of different groups and events that are designed to create community between Tudor enthusiasts, and allow you to dive deep into Tudor England in lots of different ways.

There are: Tours – 2018 will see us going to Wales to dive deep into the lives of the early Tudors. I’m teaming up with Nathen Amin of the Henry Tudor Society to create this tour, and it’s capped at 14 people, so if you’re interested in going, you need to get your interest in early! Go to to learn more.


The Tudor Summit – In September 2017 we did the first ever Tudor Summit bringing together 10 Tudor bloggers, podcasters, and historians to give talks in their particular area of expertise – it was all held online with the talks broadcast over the course of 2 days. Over 900 people signed up to watch it live, and there’s an ongoing thriving Facebook Group community where we share our love of all things Tudor. There will be another one in March, and we’d love to have you be part of it. Go to to learn more. And by signing up to the mailing list, you can always get the September 2017 videos.


The Englandcast Book Club – We have a special Facebook group where we talk about our favorite Tudor books, and then once a month we “meet” virtually online to discuss one book that has been chosen by a poll the month before. We try to switch between fiction and nonfiction, and we have some great conversations, both in Facebook, and on the call. I invite you to join any and all of these activities! Building a community of Tudor-loving friends online is the best!

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