Tudor Summit (For Presenters)

Sign up to present at the 2017 Tudor Summit, a two day long online learning extravaganza bringing together some of the most popular historians, bloggers, and podcasters in 16th century England. 

Over the course of two days, on September 3 and 4, we will be presenting a series of lectures and talks to our shared audiences. This event will be FREE for our audiences to watch and participate in. This is not a money making event- it's about growing our audiences.

Not only will we have access to speaking with our own existing audiences, but we can also grow our tribe by reaching others' as well. 

Find out more about how it will work, and sign up to participate below.

So, how will this work on my end? Who's involved? 

I'm Heather, and I'm producing it. I run the Renaissance English History Podcast, one of the oldest continuously running indie history podcasts around. 
I'm producing it, and will have a separate website, TudorSummit.com (not associated with the Renaissance English History Podcast) to send people to for sign ups, questions, and more info.

How it will work specifically is that I will contact you to set up a time to record your presentation a few weeks before the Summit. We will use software that can record your talk. During your talk you can plug any projects you're working on including books, courses, etc. 

The schedule will be published on the Summit website.
On the days of the presentation I will load each pre-recorded presentation according to the schedule. It would be great if you were available at that time to monitor any social media discussions going on about your talk. 

The goal for the participants is to create a day that's filled with education and fun, and will leave them wanting more from all of us!

So what's the point? Why should we do this?

The goal of the Summit is really to expose our work to others who may not yet know us! Each of us has very different audiences. Some are popular through blogs, others through podcasts. Some have large Facebook followings, others keep in touch with email lists. The goal is to expose all of us to each others' audiences, and help build our own up.

What's the point for my audience? Why should I promote it?

Your audience will get to view lectures and talks by people they may not yet know, and have a two day experience immersed in Tudor history. I know my audience will love this, and I suspect yours will too!

The Fine Print

By signing up below you are acknowledging that you will promote the event to your audiences as much as possible in the three weeks beforehand (when it will be open for sign ups). I'd suggest at least 5 social messages, and 2 to your email newsletter list.

All presenters will receive the email addresses of everyone who signs up (which will be made clear to them when they sign up) so this will be a large list building experience for us as well. 

You also recognize that I will own the rights to all of the presentations after we have recorded them, and they have been broadcast to the group. 

Sign Up Here:

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