Celebrate the vibrant lives of Tudor Women with this free
Online MiniCourse on Pregnancy and Childbirth in Medieval and Renaissance England.

Learn about:

- how women would try to improve fertility
-  what pregnancy was like for noblewomen versus others
- what the medical professionals advised
- preparation for labor
- religious relics during labor, and how that changed in the Reformation
- the important role of midwives in a baby's spirituality
- post-labor and baptism ceremonies

Each day we'll send out a short video about a specific topic of the day, along with the transcript, and resources for further study.
Connect with other women who are passionate about Tudor history as well in the Inspiration from Women in History Facebook Group as well!

The course is created by Heather Teysko, who has been podcasting on Renaissance England since 2009, and has one of the leading indie history podcasts on iTunes.

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