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An archive of all the shows pertaining to religion and culture. Remember you can get a full archive of every show here.


Episode Two: Sports in Renaissance England

Episode Four: Court Life with Henry VIII

Episode Six: A brief history of Halloween

Episode Seven: Henry VIII and Religion

Episode Eight: Christmas Celebrations in Tudor England

Episode Eleven: The Pilgrimage of Grace

Episode Fourteen: A Musical Interlude

Episode Fifteen: Art in Renaissance England

Episode Nineteen: Hampton Court

Episode Twenty: Love and Betrothal

Episode Twenty Four: Pregnancy and Childbirth

Episode Twenty Five: The Chapel Royal and Music Part 2

Episode Twenty Six: Catholics in Elizabethan England

Episode Twenty Eight: An Interview with Dr. David Skinner, Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge University, discussing the music of the 16th century

Episode Thirty: An Interview with Suzi Digby (Lady Eatwell) OBE, discussing the Elizabethan Choral Golden Age, and her project in Los Angeles pairing Renaissance music with contemporary choral works

Episode Thirty Three: Renaissance Ghosts

Episode Thirty Four: Witches and Witchcraft

Episode Thirty Five: Clothing, Fashion, & Sumptuary Laws

Episode Thirty Six Point Five: MiniCast on Three Tudor Poets

Episode Thirty Eight: Portraits and Propaganda

Episode Forty Four: Introduction to Elizabethan Theater

Episode Forty Six: An Intro to Shakespeare

Episode Forty Eight: The Theater Part III – Other Major Elizabethan Theater Characters

Episode Sixty: Sarah Gristwood on the Queens who ruled 16th century Europe


Episode Sixty Two: Printing in the 16th century

Episode Sixty Five: Cosmetics and Makeup in Tudor Times (aka indulging my girly side)

Episode Sixty Eight: Black History Month Special

Episode Seventy Two: Glenn Richardson on the Field of Cloth of Gold

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