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I’m making some changes to the Archive page now that we are growing so much and there are so many episodes. This page will continue to have the running list of every episode, but I’m also splitting it up into people, military, and culture/social life. As we go on, I will split it up even more, to specific people, places, etc., but I reckon that at least until we get to episode 75 this will be okay.

A list of each episode, and the link to listen online.  You can always subscribe on itunes, Stitcher,TuneIn or others to get newest episodes as they are completed.

Episode One: Introduction

Episode Two: Sports in Renaissance England

Episode Three: Henry VII

Episode Four: Court Life with Henry VIII

Episode Five: The Wives of Henry VIII

Episode Six: A brief history of Halloween

Episode Seven: Henry VIII and Religion

Episode Eight: Christmas Celebrations in Tudor England

Episode Nine: A Tale of Two Thomases Part One

Episode Ten: A Tale of Two Thomases Part Two

Episode Eleven: The Pilgrimage of Grace

Episode Twelve: The Final Years of Henry VIII’s Reign

Episode Thirteen: Edward VI Part One

Episode Fourteen: A Musical Interlude

Episode Fifteen: Art in Renaissance England

Episode Sixteen: Lady Jane Grey

Episode Seventeen: Margaret Beaufort

Episode Eighteen: Elizabeth Woodville

Episode Nineteen: Hampton Court

Episode Twenty: Love and Betrothal

Episode Twenty One: William Caxton

Episode Twenty Two: The NorthEast Passage:

Episode Twenty Three: Mary Tudor

Episode Twenty Four: Pregnancy and Childbirth

Episode Twenty Five: The Chapel Royal and Music Part 2

Episode Twenty Six: Catholics in Elizabethan England

Episode Twenty Seven:  Francis Walsingham

Episode Twenty Eight: An Interview with Dr. David Skinner, Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge University, discussing the music of the 16th century

Episode Twenty Nine: Mary Queen of Scots

Episode Thirty: An Interview with Suzi Digby (Lady Eatwell) OBE, discussing the Elizabethan Choral Golden Age, and her project in Los Angeles pairing Renaissance music with contemporary choral works

Episode Thirty One: Trade and Exploration in Renaissance England

Episode Thirty Two: Bess of Hardwick

Episode Thirty Three: Renaissance Ghosts

Episode Thirty Four: Witches and Witchcraft

Episode Thirty Five: Clothing, Fashion, & Sumptuary Laws

Episode Thirty Six: Henry VIII and the Rise of the Tudor Navy

Episode Thirty Six Point Five: MiniCast on Three Tudor Poets

Episode Thirty Seven: The Iron Industry of the Weald

Episode Thirty Eight: Portraits and Propaganda

Episode Thirty Nine: The Armada Part 1 – Foreign Policy Leading Up to the War

Episode Forty: The Armada Part 2 – the Battle!

Episode Forty One: Benjamin Redding and Boats

Episode Forty Two:  Tudor Times talks to the Renaissance English History Podcast about Margaret Beaufort

Episode Forty Three: Alison Weir talks to the Renaissance English History Podcast

Episode Forty Four: Introduction to Elizabethan Theater

Episode Forty Five: Tudor Times talks to us about Jasper Tudor

Episode Forty Six: An Intro to Shakespeare

Episode Forty Seven: Tudor Times talks to us about Catherine of Aragon

Episode Forty Eight: The Theater Part III – Other Major Elizabethan Theater Characters

Episode Forty Nine: Tudor Times talks about James I

Episode Fifty (!!): Tudor Times talks about Honor Grenville

Episode Fifty One: Tudor Rebellions Part One

Episode Fifty Two: Tudor Rebellions Part Two

Episode Fifty Three: Tudor Times on Margaret Tudor

Episode Fifty Four: Rebellions Part Three

Episode Fifty Five: Tudor Times on Thomas More

Episode Fifty Six: Guest Episode from the Queens of England Podcast on Bessie Blount

Episode Fifty Seven: Guest Episode from ReConsidered on Richard III

Episode Fifty Eight: Strangers in our midst – xenophobia and aliens in Elizabethan England

Episode Fifty Nine: Tudor Times on Anne of Denmark

Episode Sixty: Sarah Gristwood on Game of Queens

Episode Sixty One: Anne of Cleves

Episode Sixty Two: Printing and Literature

Episode Sixty Three: Linda Porter

Episode Sixty Four: Tudor Times on Bess of Hardwick

Episode Sixty Five: Cosmetics and Makeup in Tudor Times (aka indulging my girly side)

Episode Sixty Six: A joint Episode with ReConsider on Reconsidering Tudor History

Episode Sixty Seven: Henry VII and Foreign Policy

Episode Sixty Eight: Black History Month Special

Episode Sixty Nine: Supplemental chat with James Boulton on Catherine of Aragon

Episode Seventy: Tudor Times on John Dudley

Episode Seventy One: Henry VIII and France

Episode Seventy Two: Glenn Richardson on the Field of Cloth of Gold

Episode Seventy Three: Tudor Times on Elizabeth of York

Episode Seventy Four: Edward and Mary in France

Episode Seventy Five: Elizabeth and France

Episode Seventy Six: Alison Weir on Anne Boleyn

Episode Seventy Seven: Tudor Crime and Punishment

Episode Seventy Eight: Tudor Times on John Knox

Episode Seventy Nine: An interview with Roland Hui

Episode Eighty: The Great Tudor Bakealong

Episode Eighty One: Tudor Times on Margaret Pole

Episode Eighty Two: Tudor Chroniclers

Episode Eighty Three: Tudor Times on Mary Sidney Herbert

Episode Eighty Four: Elizabethan Astronomy

Episode Eighty Five: Tudor Times on Mary, Queen of Scots

Episode Eighty Six: Food, Dining, Sumptuary, and Refrigeration

Episode Eighty Seven: Reformation Month One – The Medieval English Church on the Eve of Reformation

Episode Eighty Eight: Reformation Month Two – The Henrican Reformation

Episode Eighty Nine: Reformation Month Three – Edward, Mary, and Religious Whiplash

Episode Ninety: Reformation Month Number Four – The Elizabethan Settlement


  1. Hi Heather, I really enjoy your podcasts. I am currently a trainee history teacher in England and your podcasts are every useful resources.
    I was wondering, will you be covering Tudor Rebellions at all? I know you have done the Pilgrimage of Grace, but how about the Kett Rebellion, Wyatt Rebellion, the Western/Prayer book Rebellion or the Northern Rebellion?
    Jamie Pearson

    • hteysko@gmail.com

      Hey Jamie – I swear I didn’t just put this in here 🙂 I got a little bit behind in that I’m already into the second week of March and just releasing theater this week, AND I am probably going to extend it into an extra episode – I did this calendar back in November… but the point is, it’s on its way 🙂 monthly episode planner

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