Podcast Bootcamp! (aka Here’s a Chance to Tick a Resolution off before New Years!)

Okay, confession time:

Every year in December I wind up going back and looking at those resolutions I made eleven months before when I was all bright eyed and bushy tailed. 2016 was going to be the year in which I totally became fluent in Spanish (erm, solo un poquito?), read all the classics I somehow missed in college (I made it through 2 Shakespeare’s and a Dickens, but that’s a far cry from the 20 I had planned), and lost 40 pounds (okay, so I’m halfway there on that one …).

For how many of you, did you have the idea that maybe this year you’d start a podcast?
Or, how many of you have thought about it for next year? 

Well you know what? There’s still 1/12 of the year left! I can still totally lose ten more pounds, and you can still totally create and launch a podcast before the end of the year. No kidding, imagine Christmas dinner, sitting around the turkey, talking about your plans for 2017. “Me? Oh, yes, I’m going to start building up the following on the podcast I’m just getting ready to launch. Oh, you didn’t know? It’s going to be in iTunes in a few more days. Oh, no, it’s not just hipsters who have podcasts these days.” Then take a sip of your sparkling wine, and try not to look too smug.

Hang on, Heather. I’ve never thought about having a podcast. Why should I?

Well, you should if you have something that you’re passionate about, and you want to connect with others who share that passion. I’m passionate about 16th century choral music, and having this podcast has enabled me to meet some of the most amazing people, interview hero’s of mine, and connect with other enthusiasts like me around the world. There are seven billion people on the planet. If you have a passion for something, I guarantee you, you’re not the only one. I also guarantee you that the other ones would *love* to listen to your podcast.

Okay, so I’m kinda sorta interested. What’s your deal?

I’m launching a 4 week Podcast Bootcamp next week on Teachable. I’m new to Teachable, and I’m just starting to build this course, so I’m only taking the first ten people to sign up. You will get a highly personalized experience with me, weekly calls with myself and other leading indie podcasters, a private Facebook group so we can all share the journey together, and assignments that will walk you through each step of creating and launching a podcast.

Cool! I’m totally in. Sign me up!
Rock on – go to Teachable here, and sign up. I’ll see you next week!

Wanna know more?
I’m hosting a free webinar this coming Friday, December 2, at noon Eastern time. I’ll talk about my background as a podcaster, why you want to have a podcast, and why I’m the girl to show you how.
Sign up for the webinar now.

Wanna try it out?
Here’s a freebie course I put together on how to create and launch your podcast. Yes, this has all the tools you will need to get up and running. It will give you a sense of who I am, and what I can offer.
It’s available for people who sign up to my mailing list on my professional site, but since you’re already here, I’m just giving it to you.

Grab the PDF transcript here: podcastthepastintroductorycourse

Here are the links to downloads, and videos:

Download Audacity:

Recording in Audacity


Uploading into Hipcast:



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