2017 Tudor Planner!

What is this Piece of Awesome?

Does the idea of spending a Sunday evening curled up with your lists and planners figuring out the week ahead fill you with a strange hard-to-explain giddiness? Do you love planning out what needs to be done, and when you’re going to do it? Do you long for a planner that helps you get it all done, having weekly and monthly goals areas along with plenty of room to doodle and take notes?

...One that also brings in a Passion for Tudor history?

Heck yeah, I want that!

What would be better than spending those Sunday evenings planning, and having a constant reminder of Tudor History on your desk? What if you could have a planner that would bring together easy and organized pages in Tudor fonts with a gorgeous historic cover?
And have it be filled with history and musical listening suggestions?

The Tudor Planner

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And then there's the history ....

Designed by me, the host of the popular indie podcast The Renaissance English History Podcast (you’re on the show website now – take a minute to explore and look around and listen to the archive if you’ve never been here before! I think you’ll like it) to be the exact planner that I’d use.

When you first pick it up you’ll see a gorgeous cover modeled on an illuminated manuscript. This will make it look gorgeous on your desk, but at 6×9 inches (about the size of a Moleskin notebook) it can easily go into your bag. Open it up and you’ll see planning pages that will help keep you organized, simultaneously feeling like you’ve stepped back in time.

But then there’s the history.

Each monthly page has a quote from a famous Tudor personality, and a This Month in Tudor History highlight. Plus a listening recommendation for an English Renaissance album for that month (because my particular passion is 16th century music). All of the recommendations are in an exclusive Spotify playlist with the link so you can easily listen whenever you like. The weekly pages have events that happened that month in Tudor history.

Order now to get the Tudor Planner and start planning every day with the Tudors!​

Each copy is printed individually on demand in the USA with a high quality cover and thick color paper. Plenty of space to take notes and doodle, with blank notes pages in the back.

You'll stay organized in Tudor style!

And if you’re a student, I’m giving you the downloadable PDF version for free. Because I want you to love history, and be reminded of it all year long. Just email me a copy of your student ID, and I’ll send you the PDF. *This is an ongoing forever offer for students, but please note that I only answer the student emails once a week in a time I have blocked out for that, so please don’t be upset with me if you don’t get your download info right away.*



I want you to love using the Tudor Planner as much as I’ve loved making it. I can’t wait to share this with you, and hear what you think! Order now to get your own Tudor Planner printed for you!

And seriously, if you haven’t yet, check out the podcast. It’s just a click away. I really think you’ll enjoy it.


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