An archive of all the shows about specific people. Remember, you can get the full archive of all shows here.
Episode Three: Henry VII

Episode Five: The Wives of Henry VIII

Episode Nine: A Tale of Two Thomases Part One

Episode Ten: A Tale of Two Thomases Part Two

Episode Thirteen: Edward VI Part One

Episode Sixteen: Lady Jane Grey

Episode Seventeen: Margaret Beaufort

Episode Eighteen: Elizabeth Woodville

Episode Twenty One: William Caxton

Episode Twenty Three: Mary Tudor

Episode Twenty Seven:  Francis Walsingham

Episode Twenty Nine: Mary Queen of Scots

Episode Thirty Two: Bess of Hardwick

Episode Forty Two:  Tudor Times talks to the Renaissance English History Podcast about Margaret Beaufort

Episode Forty Five: Tudor Times talks to us about Jasper Tudor

Episode Forty Six: An Intro to Shakespeare

Episode Forty Seven: Tudor Times talks to us about Catherine of Aragon

Episode Forty Nine: Tudor Times talks about James I

Episode Fifty (!!): Tudor Times talks about Honor Grenville

Episode Fifty Five: Tudor Times on Thomas More

Episode Fifty Six: James Boulton on the Queens of England Podcast on Bessie Blount

Episode Fifty Eight: The gentlement of ReConsidered on Richard III and Tudor Propaganda

Episode Fifty Nine: Tudor Times on Anne of Denmark

Episode Sixty One: Anne of Cleves

Episode Sixty Four: Tudor Times on Bess of Hardwick

Episode Sixty Nine: Supplemental chat with James Boulton on Catherine of Aragon

Episode Seventy: Tudor Times on John Dudley

Episode Seventy Three: Tudor Times on Elizabeth of York

Episode Seventy Eight: Tudor Times on John Knox

Episode Eighty One: Tudor Times on Margaret Pole

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