Supplemental Episode: Travis goes to Wittenberg

Travis Dow History of Germany

In this episode, Travis Dow of the History of Germany Podcast headed off to Wittenberg to witness the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 Theses to the cathedral door. It’s the culmination of our Reformation Month celebrations, and I’m so excited to share this audio…

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Episode 092: Nathen Amin on Tudor Wales

Nathen Amin is the founder of The Henry Tudor Society, and is the author of several books including Tudor Wales: Full-Colour Guide to the Many Places in Wales Associated with This Famous Dynasty. I’m so thrilled to be teaming up with him for a tour to Tudor Wales this coming May.…

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James I and Witchcraft

James I and Witches

In Episode 091 of the Renaissance English History Podcast we talk about James I, and his bizarre obsession with witchcraft. (Remember, if you like this show, there are two main ways you can support it. First (and free!) you can leave a review on iTunes. It really helps new people…

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October is Reformation Month!

Reformation Month

On October 31 1517, Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the cathedral in Wittenberg, thus setting into motion a chain of events that would forever change Christianity. The Reformation took on many forms as these new ideas spread, with the help of a new technology – the printing press…

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Watching the Tudors episode 15 – Season 2 Episode 5

Watching the Tudors: Thomas More

In this episode of Watching the Tudors we talk about why Thomas More seemed to really want to be a martyr, and why Mary Boleyn really shouldn’t have gotten married without the permission of Anne and Henry. Learn more about Thomas More on the other podcast episode I did about…

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Episode 086: Tudor Food, Dining, and Sumptuary Laws

Tudor Food

Episode 86 of the Renaissance English History Podcast was on food, meals, dining, and even early refrigeration in Tudor England. Listen below, or read the transcript, and check out the links for more information. Remember, if you like this show, there are two main ways you can support it. First…

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Halloween Episodes!

Renaissance English History Podcast Halloween Episodes

Because it’s October, and October is nothing if not filled with things that are either Spooky or Pumpkin Spice, I give you … All of the Halloween Episodes in one place. And an Anne Boleyn Pumpkin Spice T Shirt that you can purchase, to help support the podcast. First, all…

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Supplementary Episode: Nathen Amin at the Tudor Summit

Nathen Amin Tudor Summit

Nathen Amin is an author, and the founder of the Henry Tudor Society, and the author of several books about the Tudors, and Tudor Wales. Check him out here: Heather Teysko is the creator, writer, and producer of The Renaissance English History Podcast,  one of the longest running indie history podcasts, running…

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Episode 085: Tudor Times on Mary Queen of Scots

Mary Queen of Scots

Episode 085 is Melita Thomas of Tudor Times talking about Mary Queen of Scots. For reference, you may want to listen to Episode 029 on Mary Queen of Scots from back in 2015. Book Recommendation: Dr. Linda Porter’s Crown of Thistle (Amazon affiliate account – you pay the same price, but…

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Supplemental Episode: Tony Riches at the Tudor Summit

Tony Riches

If you missed The Tudor Summit, don’t despair – there will be another one in March, 2018. And I’ll be releasing all of the audio from the Summit videos over the course of the next couple of months in Supplemental episodes. Today is Tony Riches, who is the author of…

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