Virtual Tours!


  • For when you have already planned a trip to England, and you want deeper background, and audio walking tours geared towards the history, particularly Renaissance and music history in each city.
  • For when you want to go to England from the comfort of your desk. Daydream about a future trip, or just listen for deeper information for each city.

visit-cambridgeVirtual Tour Number One is live – Cambridge.
If you are planning a trip, or you’re stuck in traffic on the 210 freeway and want to wish it away, you can come to Cambridge with me. In this hour-long tour we’ll journey from London King’s Cross to Cambridge city center. We’ll talk about the history, explore the market, visit several of the oldest colleges, see Anglo Saxon churches, go punting along the river, wander around the Backs, and generally have a blast.

If you’re looking for more information before your trip to Cambridge, this is a perfect primer on Cambridge history. If you’re in Cambridge and want to go on a walk along King’s Parade, that would be great, too. If you want a deeper knowledge of Cambridge’s history, and want ideas of how to plan a perfect day out, this would also be helpful. A special concentration on the history and music.

Once you purchase you’ll be given access to a special site where you can download the audio, and with extras like maps, youtube links, and other visitor resources. The cost is $7.99, and the content will be updated each year to ensure that you always have the most recent information.

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Hear a sample here. The full tour is one hour.

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