Monthly Tudor Treats
Delivered Directly to my door?


introducing treasures from Bess: The First Monthly Subscription Box that Sends you Treats that Delight and Inspire your inner Tudorholic

From The Renaissance English History Podcast and The Tudor Fair Shop

       What on earth is this?!

Bess's Treasures is a new subscription box service launching from the Renaissance English History Podcast, one of the longest continuously running indie history shows. The idea is to create a lovely box of treasures that will simultaneously pamper you, and make you smarter. What a great combination!

Every month you'll receive a special box packed just for you, filled with Tudor themed gifts. Every box will include a book, and there will also be a selection of jewelry, special teas, mugs, notebooks, candles, and other lovely treats that are rooted in history. Every month you'll be surprised and delighted with a fun gift that will tickle your inner history geek, and make you feel lovely. Each box will include approximately five different treats.

Here's a Sample Box

This box is for illustrative purposes - every month your gift will be unique!


So I see these ads all the time for subscription boxes for toys and educational games. Or dog treats. Or any number of things like that. And I'd REALLY like to buy one for Tudor stuff! So I decided to create it. Basically so I could buy it.

What is it: Every month you'll get a lovely box of about five Tudor themed treats delivered right to your home. Or office. Or wherever you tell me to ship it. Items will vary every month, but each month will include something to read, some lovely jewelry (see the jewelry on my shop to see samples), and other treats. Shipping in the Continental US is included in the price. If you want to know about delivery to the UK or Australia, email me and I'll see what we can do.

Who is this for? Anyone who loves the Tudors and history. And loves to read. And be pampered. And loves surprise treats.

What if I don't like it? You can cancel any time, and I won't be offended. If you signed up and paid for a year up front, I'll prorate the rest of your time, and give you a refund.

So, how much does it cost? $39.99/month, shipping in the US is included.
If you're not in the US, email me, and we'll try to figure something out for you.

And, if you sign up and pay for a year at once, you'll receive those gifts, and you'll get 25% off the subscription price (so it's $29.99/month) 

Okay, I want in. What's the next step? Awesome! Choose your subscription option (ie annual or monthly). Orders that arrive by February 10 will receive the March box. After that, orders that come in from the 11th to the 10th of March will get the April box. 

I can't wait to start putting together these lovely treasure boxes, and I'm so glad you want to join in! Remember, you can cancel any time if it's not your thing. But I think it will be your thing. Because we all need more Tudors, and more treats in our life, and this combines both!

What makes this great?

Monthly delivery of treats: books, jewelry, and other Tudor/history themed gifts.

A special gift just for you. Treat yourself to this monthly surprise filled with things you'll love.

Cancel any time with no questions asked.



"I just got my Tudor Planner, and I love it! Thanks so much for creating such a great planner!"


"thanks for all your hard work on your show. The Tudor Summit was amazing. I'm so happy to have found you."


"omg, I love this shop. I'm telling all my Tudorholic friends about it. This is awesome."

This service is brand new. The first round of boxes will ship the first full week of March.
Order by Feb 10 to get in on that first shipment.

Do you have a Tudor-themed product or book you'd like to have included in the Treasures from Bess Boxes?
If so, send me an email, and we'll talk about the next steps.

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